Samsung SyncMaster 204B died as well …

(Note on previous post … simple as pie to pop the WD drive out of the enclosure and directly mount it in my server … back with access.)

Also, my (2.5 year old) Samsung SyncMaster 204B has started to go — when first turned on, it’s dark, then gradually starts showing the picture, although as of today it remains dim and flickering.  Presumably the backlight inverter … apparently pretty common to fail, at least as discussed here (with pix and hints on fixing with capacitor replacements) and here.  You can buy at least some inverters from LCD Parts, and InventGeek has an article on how to swap them.  Luckily, I’m still under warranty (which includes the backlight) … unluckily, I bought it in the US, and am now in the Netherlands.  We’ll see how it goes …

2 thoughts on “Samsung SyncMaster 204B died as well …”

  1. my WD Elements packed up. It was the power supply. I cooked the power supply for 2 hours on a hot radiator, and then plugged it into the mains. The green light came on. I switched off the mains and connected the wiring to the computer and switched on the mains again. Guess what, it works again. I leave it switched on now as I don’t want it to cool down and maybe die for good.

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