Updating from Hardy Heron to Jaunty Jackalope

Finally got around to updating Ubuntu this evening.  Had to go from Hardy to Intrepid first (purely as a waypoint), then to Jaunty Jackalope.

No major problems, although HAL quit for me at some point and had to be restarted remotely (stopped recognizing my mouse and keyboard when I kvm’d back from another machine).

After booting into Jaunty, I started getting the error “Tracker Applet: There was an error while performing indexing: Index corrupted.”  This appears to be a pretty common error.  For instance:

You probably want to read those to draw your own conclusions, but what worked for me was to install the tracker-utils package, and then wipe out trackers.

# Install the tracker utilities
sudo apt-get install tracker-utils
# Kill all the processes and wipe out the database
sudo tracker-processes -r
# Remove the cache
rm -rf ~/.cache/tracker
# Clear local settings
rm -rf ~/.local/share/tracker
# Remake the directory
mkdir ~/.local/share/tracker
# Restart the daemon
sudo /usr/lib/tracker/trackerd &

Now … I suspect that’s not permanent, but we’ll see what happens after the next reboot.

Followup:  That worked fine.  After logging out and logging back in, the tracker applet restarted, indexing restarted, and finished pretty quickly.

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