Holy cow … restore overwritten files!

I just had one of those “gulp!” moments … it’s 3am, and I’d been editing a PowerPoint for maybe 5-6 hours.  I’d used a previous deck as a template, and because I thought I might want to sample from some slides.  I clicked “save”.  Uh oh … I never remembered to change the name of the PPT to a new deck — I just overwrote what turned out to be my only copy of the previous deck!  And it was a critical deck.  This is not the first time this has happened to me.

Thanks to this post on restoring overwritten PowerPoint files, I found ShadowExplorer, an awesome utility … man, it’s my new best friend!  I was immediately able to go to the directory and find my previous copy of the file and restore it … sanity and hours of work saved!  Later, I determined that maybe I could have just gone in Windows Explorer to the directory, right-clicked on the file, and selected “Previous Versions”.

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